One of those gigs that make your year

We played for a Father Daughter dance on Saturday night for Buffalo Seminary (go SEMs). Just an amazing group of people. The girls came right up to help us sing, danced all night and kept everyone going. Seeing the smiles, all the dancing, singing and hearing the thanks at the end of the night were so rewarding. We were really worried about this one, it’s tough to keep a couple generations entertained, especially school functions. It all just went great. We’re all dads of daughters too and I think we were able to live up to a standard that we would want for our daughters too (aka judgey LOL). Once in a while you get a “nailed it” win. Makes all that preparation and anxiety worth it :). Happy March folks!

Published by 007trio

Acoustic and Electric Trio from Western NY. Making it fun for 7 years now.

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