Mid July and COVID Still Nigh

We’re still in it. It’s pretty tempting to just let loose and get out. It’s our nature, we’re social creatures. Getting to be pretty weird ones though. There’s some amazing examples of Dunning Kruger Effect right now, and it’s becoming celebrated in circles enough to be really dangerous. Keep up the fight, mask up, socialContinue reading “Mid July and COVID Still Nigh”

Here we are , there we were, here we go

So how many weeks now? 8 -9? All merging into one unending week huh? Seems to be few winners in this activity, but that’s how pandemics work. Working from home is not easy, especially with kids about. Not working creates panic and intense stress. Being an essential worker, especially front line health care and associates,Continue reading “Here we are , there we were, here we go”

One of those gigs that make your year

We played for a Father Daughter dance on Saturday night for Buffalo Seminary (go SEMs). Just an amazing group of people. The girls came right up to help us sing, danced all night and kept everyone going. Seeing the smiles, all the dancing, singing and hearing the thanks at the end of the night wereContinue reading “One of those gigs that make your year”