Mid July and COVID Still Nigh

We’re still in it. It’s pretty tempting to just let loose and get out. It’s our nature, we’re social creatures. Getting to be pretty weird ones though. There’s some amazing examples of Dunning Kruger Effect right now, and it’s becoming celebrated in circles enough to be really dangerous. Keep up the fight, mask up, social distance, keep the infection smoldering until next year when a couple of vaccines can be released. Or don’t, but then don’t get treated at a hospital. Die on the sword you swear by. Leave that spot for a kid or parent that tried.

In other news, club gigs are pretty rare these days, getting rarer. We have picked up some parties. We’ve invested in some equipment to allow us to have the shows like we did and still maintain distance. We mask in and out and ask for a 12 foot space so we can sing and play without masks. Its not hard, its still fun and everybody goes home in generally good health as the came.

Hope to see you out there one way or another. Do the right thing and this will be behind us for the most part in about 9-12 months. There’s a lot of parents and businesses that need some help and innovation. Be part of that change, help adapt to this bizarre event we’re in and we’ll all come out stronger. Stay healthy, spread some joy and have fun!

Published by 007trio

Acoustic and Electric Trio from Western NY. Making it fun for 7 years now.

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