Happy Holidays

Here we are in the holiday season still in the throes of a pandemic. Make the best of it, it’s all we got. Be safe and keep those around you safe. We’re starting to overwhelm the medical system and its workers which is a recipe for disaster. We’ll be out of this sooner than you know. The upcoming vaccines are look good so far, I have a preferred that I will keep to myself, but let’s see where this goes. By Fall 2021 things might start being more normal.

We’re done publicly for the year, but will try to start jamming to get ready for 2021. We’ll be there.

Have a safe an happy holiday. More soon. I’ll try to upload a couple from our last driveway concert.

Hang in there, be the best that you are!


Published by 007trio

Acoustic and Electric Trio from Western NY. Making it fun for 7 years now.

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