Here we are , there we were, here we go

So how many weeks now? 8 -9? All merging into one unending week huh? Seems to be few winners in this activity, but that’s how pandemics work. Working from home is not easy, especially with kids about. Not working creates panic and intense stress. Being an essential worker, especially front line health care and associates, is crazy pressure and stress. Wish there was a way to help everyone, sending you good vibes. The weather is turning up finally, there’s more daylight and a picture of ways to emerge from all this are starting to coalesce. Miss playing, I miss the people, my bandmates – guess they are people too – getting out and about, the anxiety and thrill of a show. But we’re doing what we need to be doing. The better we do all this together, the quicker and better we’ll all come out of this.

There can be a lot of innovation coming out of this. Lots of places trying new ways to keep their livelihoods going. I am surprised we have not seen more. It would be nice to see a Hertel Ave and Elmwood Strip/Village websites for ordering, new couriers, local food guides, etc., that benefit local producers to retailers. There are some websites, but it seems a little piecemeal. Wish I had the skills to set up something with them for Ecommerce /delivery /advertising – Davazon! Someday maybe.

My opinion, which is not any striking revelation, is that the main factors in transmission are respiratory with proximity and duration being key factors. It looks like there may be some epithelial transmission of a different sort. It’s getting a bit scary what is happening to children, that really needs some big minds on it. The kids alone should be good enough reason why we need to wear masks and stay at home for a while longer. If you want to protest, fine, but do it together in one segregated place to keep others safe and please do not use hospitals should you become it and stay at the back of the vaccine line. There’s a lot of smart people telling you the reasons why we need to do this. There are a lot of clever people profiting off of creating outrage and umbrage. Marketing is seductive, but if it’s a little too good to be true, if it plays a little too well to your biases, it’s likely shit and stay away from it. Nurses, doctors, biologists, epidemiologists don’t have a profit motive on the message they are conveying. They want this over with ASAP too. It’s true the guidelines are evolving, but we’re learning and adapting as fast as we can to a changing outbreak phenomenon. There’s a lot of rubbish going around. Keep off of it. I agree the federal and state govt’s have let the little folks down. Corps and high enders seem to be making out pretty good all in all. The stimulus went right to a lot of places it did not need to go. Pay the workers, keep demand up and the economy keeps running better. Drive the protective gear manufacture, help local businesses get their messages out and serve their bases. Protecting corps that just got a huge tax break and just blew it is pointless. Had their hands out and in the trough quicker than anyone else. Seriously, oversight and a complete rewrite needed. When did we get that dumb?

Anyway – stay safe, be good. We’ll look into ways of getting out. If any of yas want a tcom party with the band, we’ll see what we can do. Take care, wear your mask, keep your distance until we can sort out how best to isolate the infected, and have some fun with all this. This is history being made, days to start new, learn more and be a part of change. Carpe Diem!!!


Published by 007trio

Acoustic and Electric Trio from Western NY. Making it fun for 7 years now.

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