It should be called CoVideo

Hope all is well with you and your families. A nice way to get some time with the family and about the house if you’re looking for silver linings. We’re off for a bit, not playing. We are all working, we are lucky. Keep ya busy working with kids at home too. So as this hunker at home continues, stay safe and well, binge all the TV you can with a fine beverage (AKA any!) and enjoy what you have. Help your friends and neighbors and be safe. This song keeps coming to mind during this time.

Things will be different when we come out of the other side of this. Hopefully we wont forget how ill prepared for pandemic we were and change our ways. Hopefully we won’t forget those that are helping us like medical workers, grocery store staff, restaurant staff, pharmacies, etc. Let’s remember we can be good. Make the best of it. There will be lots to talk about in the near future. We’re just hoping to play a really big party to celebrate the end of this! 00Dave

Published by 007trio

Acoustic and Electric Trio from Western NY. Making it fun for 7 years now.

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